Giga Sessions

If you have a large area of baldness, as depicted here, there are two optionsGiga Sessions

  1. Cover only front up to the highest point of the scalp so that for all social interactions and photographs, you look good from the front. The front would need about 2500-3000 grafts by FUT/FUE to cover roughly the area of the size of the palm (the exact number depends on the quality of donor area which can be determined during personal examination).
  2. Cover the front as above in the first session; later, if you desire, you can plan the vortex area separately after 6 months. The second session can be FUT or FUE.
  3. Some people wish to cover entire area in one visit; this can be done by a Giga session, which is done by taking hairs by different methods not only from scalp, but also other areas as follows: Large sessions/giga sessions over 4000-8000 grafts can be done as follows:

FUT 2500-3500 grafts depending on quality of donor hair on back of scalp,

FUE 2000-2500 grafts depending on quality of donor hair on back of scalp,

Beard hair 1500 grafts

Body hair can yield depending on availability. However, this needs stamina and a big budget and therefore is applicable for select patients only.

Please note that this advice is of a general nature. Precise estimation would be possible by personal examination; this advice is given as a guide to help you decide with different options. You may discuss further by emailing on [email protected] or [email protected]

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About The Doctor

Dr. Venkataram Mysore was one of the first surgeons to learn this technique in the country. He is an expert in FUT and is one of the most respected Hair Transplant experts in the world. He has edited the first Indian textbook on the subject and is the first and only Indian Dermatologist to be made a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Venkataram Mysore