Follicular Unit Transplantation

Over years, instruments and techniques have been developed that allow us to achieve truly natural results by transplanting small grafts containing 1-2-3 hairs, very close together. It has been found that hair grows from the scalp in groups of one, two, and three hair follicles called follicular units. Transplantation of these units results in denser and more natural results.

What is a follicle? What is Follicular Unit?

A follicle means a hair. Follicular unit means a group or a bunch of hairs.Hair occurs in group of one, two or three or four Hairs -the relative proportion varies from patient to patient in Indians, the average is 2.2 hairs per unit.

Dissection of such units and then transplanting them is called follicular unit transplantation-the Rollce Royce of hair transplantation.

Hair Follicle

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

It is the method of transplantation wherein a strip of skin is taken from the back of the head under local anesthesia, and dissected into grafts which are implanted. The harvested area is sutured closed.

Follicular unit transplantation

How is the strip planned?

After measuring your donor site density, a strip is designed of adequate length and width (not exceeding 2cm) from behind one ear to behind the other. This strip is planned so that it gives an adequate number of grafts while at the same time allowing easy closure.

How are the grafts dissected?

They are dissected under microscopic vision so as to not damage the follicular units. At the same time, they are stored in a PRP solution to ensure maximum survival

How is the donor site closed? What is trichophytic closure?

The donor site is closed in two layers using absorbable sutures so that no suture removal is necessary. Trichophytic closure is a special type of suturing method wherein the upper edge of skin overrides the lower edge so that ultimately hair grows through the scar and makes it less obvious and visible

Will the scar be visible?

With proper suturing techniques and trichophytic closure, the scar will be a thin line and is not noticeable with a normal hairstyle.

Advantages of FUT

  1. It is more accurate- damage to hairs is less as there is dissection under microscope.
  2. The donor area does not need to be trimmed
  3. It is cheaper than FUE.
  4. It leaves the rest of the scalp untouched for future sessions, and hence can yield a larger number of grafts in the long run.

Disadvantages of FUT

  1. It requires a stitch on the back of the head which is present for 2 weeks.
  2. More painful than FUE.
  3. It leaves a linear scar which can be visible if the head is shaved fully.

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About The Doctor

Dr. Venkataram Mysore was one of the first surgeons to learn this technique in the country. He is an expert in FUT and is one of the most respected Hair Transplant experts in the world. He has edited the first Indian textbook on the subject and is the first and only Indian Dermatologist to be made a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Venkat being presented with the ASDS International Leadership Award
Dr. Venkat being presented with the ASDS International Leadership Award