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Guidelines on The Use of Finasteride in Androgenetic Alopecia

By Venkataram Mysore & BM Shashi kumar Finasteride is a widely used drug in dermatology for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. There are many reports...
Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant

There is a new trend for false marketing using the term ‘ Robotic Hair Transplant ’. This term sounds impressive and many patients are...
Giga Sessions

Giga Sessions

If you have a large area of baldness, as depicted here, there are two options Cover only front up to the highest point of...
Stem Cells multiplicaiton for hair transplant

Stem Cells

The association has received several queries about stem cells in the management of hair loss, and also about several advertisements which have appeared in...
unethical practices

Unethical Practices in Hair Transplantation

Unfortunately, there are several unethical practices in hair transplantation in today's world. At Venkat Center, we strive to provide proper information to patients so...
What happens after the surgery

Who should perform hair transplant?

Two specialists are natural choices: Dermatologists, because they have knowledge of and hence routinely practice trichology and Plastic surgeon, because hair transplantation is a...